Monday, May 12, 2014

1920's Dress remade from an earlier Edwardian

From the seller:

For your consideration today is a lovely vintage 1930's dress - Estimated size L-XL with measurements

*NOTE: Close up photos make the color appear lighter - it is darkest brown*

*Dark brown velvet

*Dark brown silk sleeves with black silk cuffs

*Unique detailing:

*Bound button holes down the front and both sides of the back (stitched in dark blue) - No buttons, for looks only

*Faux drop waist

*Two box pleats in front

*Gorgeous blue/black wide lace accents on each side

*The lace mirrors the sleeve as noted in the photo

*No zipper or buttons - it pulls over the head

*For its age, it is in quite good condition. Issues are normal and consistent with age and use

*There are some spots/smudges that should dry clean...also some nap thinning which can be seen when held to the light (from inside the skirt). The hem needs to be re-stitched as part of it was let down. This exquisite dress was hand sewn.

*Vintage items typically have issues. This is normal and should be expected. If it's new and perfect you are seeking, then please pass it by. Selling as found, I have done nothing to it.

*Authentic vintage - found in an attic. It has been stored for years and needs to be given a new life!





HIP 44"

SLEEVE 22.5"


From Me:

The drop waist instantly makes this 1920's - for the most part. However, there are several odd things about it's construction. The black trim only being on one part of the skirt, the wide black cuffs, the button holes - this dress appears to have originally been a jumper dress circa 1905 that was cut up and remade into a late 1920's dress. Pretty neat!

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