Tuesday, May 6, 2014

1930's BRIGHT Print Dress

From the seller:

This is a pretty vintage 1920-30's Depression era rayon crepe (or blend) dress. It has the original label 'Whoopee Prints Original Paris Model'. Guaranteed authentic and of the 20-30's. Looks to be about an 8 or so...such wonderful colors and styling! Condition is very much as-is, not too bad but I will say mostly unwearable because it has a variety of wear and tear, holes, stains, etc. That being said, there are interesting period fabrics and trims that could be cut out and salvaged, reused in new projects: quilting, sewing, dolls, crafts, study, or any creative idea you may have.

From Me:

I *think* the tag means reproduction in the sense that this designer is allowed to reproduce the print for the clothing - not that this is a newer piece. It looks very 1930's in cut and color. Honestly, with most of the 20th century dresses, it's hard to tell the difference between a well taken care of piece and a piece of garb that wasn't taken care of sometimes.


  1. If ONE more person suggests cutting up a unique, antique garment for DOLLS or SCRAPBOOKING I will BLOW A GASKET.

    1. Unfortunately, they do all the time. It's part of the reason I started this blog - to preserve in image form some of these outfits so that we could still use them for historical costuming.
      Personally, I see it as selling a nice old Victorian house that might need a new paint job and saying that you can take out the windows and doors for making shabby chic furniture. No one would dare to do such a thing but clothing isn't seen in the same light as shelter for some reason.