Friday, May 23, 2014

1920's Blue Dress

From the seller:

Authentic 1920s flapper dress! The top layer of this dress is an amazing vivid blue velvet burnout print surrounded by a sheer silk fabric! The bottom has flowing delicate silk chiffon layers! The second layer to this dress is a blue chiffon silk with a velvet trim bottom. This dress is to be carefully slid over the head. There are 4 snaps on the left shoulder. This dress is delicate but can still be worn! This dress does have a significant area of fading/discoloration on the back (please see pic 5 on the right lower back) but in person the dress has such a shine that it almost off sets the flaw. There are also a couple other areas of the same fading/discoloration on the front but they mostly blend in (look at pictures carefully). Please note that in person the dress looks very shiny and the top looks just as shiny and bold as the bottom, this aspect was hard to capture in the pictures.

The measurements are taken of the under dress which is what you would have to fit in, in order for this dress to fit. Best fits an XS
Bust: up to 33"
Waist: up to 30"
Hip: up to 38"
Length: 38"

From Me:

Not only does she wear the dress but she puts it on a hanger. ....Gah! If it's "delicate" (And 90 year old silk!) it should not be worn. Unless you like running around naked after a couple of hours and you have no conscious when it comes to destroying garments that others might still learn from...

Anyway, very 1920's.

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