Monday, February 4, 2013

1860's American Civil War Era Dress

From the seller:

Here is a very pretty OLD WOMEN'S DRESS having CREAM-COLORED MATERIAL WITH FLOWER & FAN-LIKE EMBROIDERED DESIGNS and BLACK LACE ACCENTS. Found in an old trunk in estate attic. Looks to be approx. Early-20thC vintage or thereabouts to me- possibly 19thC, but I know very little about old dresses and styles myself. It is approx. 53" long from top to bottom. I have no idea of dress size. There are a number of brown stain spots and discolored areas on dress with an additional blackish dirty-looking spot on the front (see photos). Some frayed and worn areas. No major damage I see though. All the buttons are present. Has the typical old material smell when you put your nose up to it, but nothing out of the ordinary for a dress this age. Buying as you see it and exactly as found in trunk.

From Me:

This looks like it was remade much later - possibly in the 1930's for Halloween. The buttons are fairly modern looking (20th Century) and the lace looks like it was added later as well. The cut though is all very 1860's.

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