Wednesday, February 13, 2013

1890's Black and Purple Print Outfit

From the seller:

Black Purple Silk Dress Victorian 1985 Sweeping Bustle Skirt Puffed Sleeves Nice
Offered here is a beautiful Victorian era silk two-piece dress that is in very nice condition, given its age. Black silk fabric has a pretty purple/dark pink abstract design throughout. Both the bodice and skirt are fully lined; no label. Hand and machine sewn.

Dress dates to approximately 1895. Bodice has center front closure that secures with metal hook/eye and has a slight flare and lovely reverse pleating in the back. Front of bodice is ruched throughout; collar and cuffs have small ruffles. Collar is finished with a band of pretty lace. Sleeves have full puffs at the shoulders; sleeves are very fitted and curved with gathers at the elbows. Skirt has a narrow waistband with center back closure that secures with two small shell buttons. Flat front skirting with back fullness that gives a little bustle; double ruffle at the hemline.

Bodice is lined with plain muslin. Skirt is lined in brown polished cotton (has an additional inner-lining around the hemline) and has a velvet hem guard sewn in.

For whatever reason, the bodice appears to have never had boning/stays.

Approximate measurements:

Bust: 32"
Bodice waist: 24"
Shoulders: 13.5"
Skirt waist: 29" (has been let out at some earlier time)
Skirt length: 38"
Sweep: 114"
In very nice condition.....this dress displays so well and could be worn with care. The silk fabric is clean has minimal small spots/stains. There is a 1" L-shaped tear in the bustle area that is lost in the fullness of the fabric and a small cluster of holes in the lower front skirting (see pic below). The buttonholes on the skirt do need a bit of reinforcement as they are stressed and weakened. Underarms are slightly faded, but the fabric is still strong -- no shattering.

From Me:

I'm pretty sure the seller meant 1885, not 1985. :-) Can you tell there is a theme to today's posts yet?

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