Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Edwardian Split Skirt

From the seller:

Montgomery Ward Ranch Split Skirt Riding Culottes Pants Western Palazzo Gaucho

Antique / vintage.

Women's culottes.

A strange butterscotch-brown-green color. Honestly, it is the color of baby poop.

Very Western-looking.

Eight brown buttons down each leg.

When the vertical flap is buttoned on the right, from the front these look like pants. When the flap is buttoned to the left, from the front it looks like a long skirt.

The garment is put on by unbuttoning the top three buttons on each side, then stepping in.

For horseback-riding, ranch work, possible bicycle pants.

These pants are enormous. Very wide legs, roomy seat. The only thing with definition is the waist. (Measurements are below.)

These are old and as such have some small stains, holes, patches, frays, etc.

This comes from the estate of a woman who worked as a Clothing Restorer for various museums throughout the Midwest. As such, she may have made repairs and / or additions to the garment which I am unaware of.

Approximate measurements:
Across the waist, laying flat = 12.5"
Therefore, waist = 25"
Front rise (crotch seam to waist) = 13.25"
Rear rise (crotch seam to waist) = 13.5"
Inseam = 26"
Leg opening = 29" across, laid flat

From Me:

These are mine now. :-) I was so excited to get the split skirt since they tend to be very rare. The twill is a yellowish khaki and it's rather thin - summer weight. The split skirt was much loved in the day with a bunch of repairs to various holes and tears. It's clearly from the 1910's in person.


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    1. Thank you! I'll probably bring these with me to Dress U for the class I'm teaching on antique clothing.

  2. So cool! How does the buttoned front flap thing work? Is is decorative, or is that where they close? I'm trying to see if I can modify this http://www.agelesspatterns.com/images/1653.GIF pattern for a split skirt.

    1. I used this pattern: http://butterick.mccall.com/b3836-products-3201.php It doesn't look like a split skirt on the cover, but it is. It makes it a lot easier to adapt to this style - you are just adding a new seam and a couple of inches for the overlap.

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