Friday, February 15, 2013

Fabulously Awesome Purple 1840's Dress

From the blogger:

Without a body to fill the dress I'm not sure some of the measurements made sense - in particular the bust!

Waist: 66 cm (~26 in)
Bust: 70cm ( maybe this is why I couldn't do the hooks up!) (~27.5 in)
Shoulder to waist: 39cm
Waist to floor: 104 cm
Width of first frill: 22 cm
Width of second frill: 28cm
Arm pit to first frill: 23cm"

This is the project I was drawing Sue for
and this blogger explains why I am remaking it

The Salter's married in 1900 and Joyce was born in 1902 so I guess the family photo dates from around 1905 - 07. I was thinking of making Ada in a dress- as in the family photo but decided on the skirt, blouse and tie as in the other photo, because its more the outfit I imagine a suffragist, socialist would wear.
Costume Details - photographs by Anni Janik.

The dress is close to the colour in the photos that Phil took of Sue wearing the costume and in some of the details - I am guessing the colour as seen in the dress hanging up is due to the lighting.

From Me:

First, thank you to Diane for sharing all the wonderful information and pictures. The dress being modeled is from the 1840's. The fan front and the angle of the shoulders were both popular aspects of the style in the very early Victorian age. The Met has several fan front dresses that are similar in style to this one.

Also, I love the statue project! Very cool to see some of the progress photos. :-)

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  1. Just discovered your site. Lovely stuff. I would like to share my pictures of two late 1800's dresses in my possession. They were purchased at a garage sale from the daughter of the original owner. Do I get the pictures to you via this post?