Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Turn of the Century Boots

From the seller:

Turn of the century, authentic antique Victorian button boots. Black leather bottoms with 15 black side buttons with metal hook. Stack wooden heel.


* HISTORY: Thomas G Plant started the largest exclusively women's shoe factory in the world. Queen Louisa or Prussia, whose portrait the maker of "Queen Quality" which held place in history as personality rare and perfect. Trade-Mark aim as such to earn reputation equally high of its class and place in footwear.

These boots are very rare because they were not as popular in their time as the laced boots.

* COLOR: Black and Black
* MATERIAL: Leather with wooden heel and sturdy cotton lining
* MEASUREMENTS - these shoes are narrow, size 6-7 (approx.):
LENGTH (heel to toe): 11"
INSOLE LENGTH (inside): 8 1/2"
WIDE (widest ball of foot): 3"
ANKLE (around narrow part): 8"
TALL: 8"
HEEL: 1 3/4"

From Me:

Today will be a "shoes" day! You can see a very similar pair of boots in this ad from 1899.

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