Monday, February 4, 2013

Very late 1880's/early 1890's Outfit

From the seller:

BE SURE TO SCROLL DOWN AS THERE ARE MANY PHOTOS AND THEY ARE PART OF THE DESCRIPTION. This auction is for an opulent original two piece Victorian 1880s (1883- 1888 known as the second bustle period) gown; a long sleeve bodice and skirt that are created with a gorgeous shade of royal blue plaid silk and solid royal blue luxurious satin. The slim fitted tailored bodice is decorated with a 1" wide unique trim that has lovely blue/white embroidery center/ tiny matching blue chenille pompoms on one side and delicate very tiny half moon fringing on the blue satin panel side. The lightly puffed capped sleeves are also decorated with to match the front panels. This superb bodice is designed with a 1.5" wide standing mandarin style collar while the front closure is 18 ALL MATCHING small 3/8" diameter steel faceted cut buttons! The long tapered sleeves are finished with matching cuffed sleeves again decorated with more of the exquisite trim. The skirt is created with panels of matching fabric. The just slightly off to the side plaid front panel is created with 4 vertical panels that are horizontally tucked and slightly ruched giving it a somewhat puffy appearance. All the other panels are flat, however the one back panel does have cartridge like pleats that are to give a bustle effect and also a small cage or pad can be worn to accentuate this area. The entire skirt is lined with the hem having a stiffer panel that helps to give it a flatter tidely arranged hemline; the hem is bound with heavy bias wool like tape.The condition of the entire ensemble is very very good; the bodice back center seam looks like it is beginning to open and there is one very small hole that you can see thru to the lining; I have found this to be the only flaw. The cotton waistband has a very well done repair. The magnificent ensemble is a small size; most likely created for a young adolescent woman or a petite adult woman. Approx measurements are 15" underarm to underarm with room for a bust; because of the design of a typical bodice of the era there is room for a bust probably a B cup,22" waist,24" waist although the original waistband appears to be 18", 25" across hip area in the front only, 39" top of waistband in the front to the hem and 41" in the back top of waistband to the hem. This opulent gown would make a fabulous display and would be delightful if being worn; I do believe the fabric overall quite sound and could be worn if not extremely active. It is very very clean, I have not found any stains or age marks. You wont be d

From Me:

....Should I bother to explain that the idea of cup size came with the bra? ...*sigh*

Anyway, I think this is a late 1880's/early 1890's. You can see the start of the puffs at the shoulder but the bodice still has some very 1880's cuts to it. Oh, and it's plaid. I've been told I need a "plaid" tag.

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