Friday, February 15, 2013

Kimono style Teens Era Coat by Worth!

From the seller:

WORTH ca 1890 - 1900 Hand Embroidered Short Sleeve Coat MED

This gorgeous Worth evening coat is made from a large scale netting with a satin stitched embroidered floral design. It has wide band of silk velveteen, short kimono styled sleeves, lined in black silk satin. There's slits on the side seams, the front hangs longer by a few inches than the back. There's hooks and eyes in front with 2 bows at the neck and long ties with jet beaded tassels. It has a few broken threads, the seam on the inside shoulder lining needs to be closed and one tassle is missing. It measures 44 inches around the bust, hips are 50 inches and it's 49 inches long. By the way it fits me, I would say up to a sz 8-10, smaller is OK.
Approval for returns must be received within 3 days, as is items are not refundable. I want my customers to be happy with their purchase so please notify me if there is a problem. Thank you so much for your cooperation. I so appreciate your business.

From Me:

This particular style was popular starting around 1914 well into the 1920's. The rose motif is seen EVERYWHERE in the 1910's. By this point (1910's), the House of Worth was struggling. It was no longer the fashion powerhouse it had been just a couple of decades before. Some little upstarts like Paul Poiret - who was employed by the House of Worth in the 1890's- were very popular by this point; in Poiret's case, for his kimono styled gowns and coats. ;-)

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