Friday, February 1, 2013

Regency Wrap Stays

From the seller:

Early cotton ladies corset, rare wrap form. Dating to 1820's. All hand sewn with several gussets at chest and hips. She would have probably had a simple country lifestyle and this was her everyday foundation garment. As found all hand sewn with patch's, some fray and some separations to seam at shoulder as seen in the images. Uncleaned as found. Lying flat chest measures 30", from shoulders to bottom edge 19".

From Me:

Okay, first, they weren't called corsets until 1826 - it was stays before that. Second, I think this is early than 1820's - like 1800's. By the 1820's, the stays were becoming more and more structured. I also think this was meant for a young lady and not a grown woman.


  1. I agree that this is earlier than 1820. It's very similar to one sold by Vintage Textiles. A very interesting piece indeed. ;)

  2. I stalked this one during the auction. It's a weird little thing. The single bust gusset kills me.

    1. It's actually not a bust gusset - which is why I think it's way earlier. It's a transitional stay wrap. The gusset in the center was used to create enough room up top for a "shelf". :-)