Tuesday, February 19, 2013

1890's Outfit white and green

From the seller:

Beautiful authentic victorian two piece light green cotton/linen dress with dark green velvet details. I am selling a from a personal collection I have had for twenty years. Size is approximate ~ very small 0-2. Skirt is full with gathering to accommodate a small bustle. It has a linen lining with repair on outside hem (see photo). Inside of blouse has brown linen with original metal hooks. Skirt hooks to blouse with original metal hooks. Waist diameter is approximately 21". blouse is approximately 15" from collar to front bottom. Sleeves are blousan style with fine angled overlapping detailing and dark green velvet detail (see photo). Lining is frayed on inside around waist and velvet detail and ruching at front ties has been repaired with fine stitching in various locations. There are two attached waist ties, one ends in a bow with dark green velvet detailing. This is a very fragile piece appropriate for display or collectors. Payment via Paypal must be made within 24 hours of bid close. No returns will be accepted. No international buyers please. Please email seller with questions.

From Me:

Hello, 1890's! And yes, it looks like the sleeves are on backwards to me as well. ;-)

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