Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Gold (?) Beaded Edwardian Shoes

From the seller:

Adorable Victorian-styled vintage antique black shoes. Very small in size. Look like they were made for an adult (style-wise, that is), however, they are only approximately 8 inches long! They were made by "Hutzler Bros. Baltimore." Not sure, of course, of the exact age, but they appear to be very old -- I would estimate from the late 1800's. They have three little black buttons and some very intricate beading on the front in a beautiful design. Lovely little miniature shoes. Would make the perfect addition to someone's Victorian shoe collection. . . .Thank you for viewing!

From Me:

These are from the 1900's but they don't look like black leather in the pictures, at all. It looks gold and although I've seen black turn into some interesting grays and whites via the camera lens, never has it come out gold to me. Personally, I <3 the straps on these shoes so much! Fabulous looking!

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