Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Bustle Era Outfit Mint Green

From the seller:

D429, 1880's Mint Green Silk Faille Bustle Ballgown: This once lovely ball gown is made of a light mint green silk faille. It was created for a very tiny lady. The bust is between 29 and 30 inches. The waist is 22. The dress is not wearable because of the damage to the skirt but can be positioned where much of the damage is hidden. It could be used for display in soft museum lighting or for inspiration. The lining of the bodice and skirt is made of brown cotton and it is in good condition. The bodice has damage at the left lower point and wear around the bottom of the bodice. See photo. There is one button missing. There are two chews next to the buttons that don't show when the bodice is buttoned up. See photo of the inside of garment. The skirt which has a waist of 22.5 and is completely lined in brown cotton which is in good condition has a great deal of splitting, holes and some stains to the mint green silk faille. See photos. There is great lace around the entire inside bottom of the skirt that is in good condition. This garment is not really wearable, but would be good for inspiration and could be used for display if situated where the stains and holes are artistically hidden in the folds of the dress. A lovely lace shawl could help hide any imperfections. The bidding will start at .99 with no reserve

From Me:

Parts of this dress look a bit more 1870's but 1880's could fit as well. Perhaps it's another "got remade" dress.

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