Monday, November 7, 2011

1890's Blue Day Outfit

From the seller:

This auction is for a very Elegant 1890s walking suit. It's severe masculine tailoring is relieved by feminine ruching down the front shoulders. The crisp Pine Green Barege fabric is juxtaposed with sleeves and plastron of rich silk velvet creating a sensual contrast. Pleats running the length of the skirt are released about 8 inches up creating a flirty flip to the hem. It's an ensemble that wants to be admired for form AND function! Condition is very good, there is minor unevenness to the color, mostly on the bodice and some underarm discoloration. This isn't bad. There are a couple of small repairs, nothing distracting. The skirt waist is larger, it may have extended around the turn of the century by letting out some of the pleats. It's very well done. Measurements are: 24 inch waist & 32 inch bust. The skirt front length is 38 inches and the waist is 34 inches.

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