Monday, November 21, 2011

Summer Bodice

From the seller:

This auction is for a wonderful cotton blouse from the late 1850s, just before the Civil War. It's made of cotton with a light windowpane check and Adorable blue prancing horses! The shoulders are dropped with piping, epaulettes and lovely large pagoda sleeves. Another unique detail is the attached basque. It is cartridge pleated to the waistband, which creates a sort of tunic. This was almost certainly worn as Morning Dress over one of the embroidered petticoats so fashionable before the War. The blouse fastens with Amazing tiny blue glass ball buttons in bright turquoise blue! They are all present.

Condition is very good. There is a very small darn at the front neck. It's not distracting, but can be easily concealed with a collar and brooch. the print is lighter over the shoulders where exposed to the light over time.

Measurements are: The bust is 36 inches & the waist measures 22 inches. Please note: Measurements are approximate and should be taken as maximum.

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