Friday, November 18, 2011

Late (?) 1880s Black Bustle Dress w/built in bustle pad!

From the seller:

n good condition: slight wear; no holes; fabric strong; missing buttons; has stale odor, recommend dry cleaning or good airing
Heavier satin fabric with floral velvet trim

Bust 32"

Shoulder width 13"
Sleeves 19"
Length ~19"
Waist 24"

Skirt is lined with polished cotton; hem reinforced with corduroy; has 5" of scalloped, ruffled taffeta
4 x 7" bustle pad
Waist to 22"
Length 40"
Hem 160"

From Me:

The front picture was really too blurry to make out much more than the trim in the back went down the opening in the front. I didn't bother to post it because that's all you could make out.

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