Thursday, November 10, 2011

Edwardian Era Corset

From the seller:

A SUPER sexy antique corset, with serious stays, a sexy lace ruffle around the bust, and all original garter straps!

Marked V342, size 23 Measurements (Laid Flat) 12.5" Waist, 17.5" Hips, 15.5" Length bust-line to Hem, 7" garters

All cotton, with metal tipped stays and metal front hooks.


Condition Details:
COMPLETELY wearable! Tape/lacing-cord has been replaced, and a couple spots reinforced. Despite a few spots of wear, fabric is quite strong, All stays are in place. The only issue is that the Cords are not original.
Please see HUGE pictures below for best condition and description details. Non smoking home, with two cats who, despite their inherent naughtiness, usually know enough to stay out of my fashionable goodies. Interested bidders, additional details and pictures emailed upon request.

From Me:

Most likely an Edwardian era corset. The lower bust and the cut of the front of the corset is more common in the later era.

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