Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Edwardian Sheer Black Overdress

From the seller:

1900s era XS Black Beaded Silk Overdress

Era - mid-Teens
Measurements - Fits 30 inch bust, 20 inch waist
Fabric - silk

I know, this is terrible on the floor, but it would not fit on my mannequin to show the front. Fabulous black silk lace overdress. All sheer, tapered skirt. The front snaps and has some pleated rust colored silk at the front of the waist. Lots of Jets beading and sequins over the front and the back of the bodice and sleeves and around the border of the skirt. Groups of beads and sequins on the body of the skirt. There are dangling sequin covered balls on the ends of the sleeves and around the skirt. Unlined, all sheer. The photos on the mannequin are on the back of the dress.

Condition - Very good to excellent condition. It's in amazing condition. I see no holes and no missing beads. The tulle base is browning from age though. The snaps on the front are corroded and really need to be replaced - I had to open one by putting my fingernail in them and prying them open, because the fabric might tear of you just pull on them. The fabric appears to be nice and strong. Slightly wrinkled on the back of the skirt because I didn't want to steam it. 

From Me:

This is so different!  It has the normal early teens lines but I don't think I've seen this type of construction before.  The gold pleated front, the interesting curved shaped back line, the wide open front -all are different from most sheer gowns of this time period that I've seen.  Very neat! 

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