Thursday, November 10, 2011

Edwardian Wedding Gown

From the seller:

Edwardian Era Dress or Wedding Gown

This is a gown from the Edwardian era of about 1910-1913. It is either a very small adult size (XS2) or a children's size. (Please note that I can't guarantee that it is a size 2 - it could possibly be a petite size 4 or 6). It does have a Children's department stamp, but this could have been added later during a possible adjustment or revamp. This dress was in my family and there were petite members in the past.

I did not iron the dress (as you see in the photos) for fear of marring the fabric. The satin fabric appears in good condition - I do not see any tears or slits. The seams look good and intact. There are some speckle-like stains and dirtiness towards the bottom. There is some greenish (tarnish?) around some metal hardware closures. The lace is delicate but does not appear to be worn through. There is bead-work around the neck and an attached capelet(?) and it is broken and in need of repair at spots. The dress will probably need some type of refurbishment, especially as regards to the bead-work.

From Me:
This most likely is a wedding gown from the Edwardian era given the capelet and the pearls. A very lovely find!

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