Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Random and Bright Day!

From the seller:

This auction is for a very Elegant 1890s walking suit. The fabric is a rich medium-weight emerald green wool with a wonderful drape. It displays all the hallmarks we love in Victorian clothing: the hourglass figure, the huge leg o' mutton sleeves, the rich embellishment. The latter is an elaborate pattern of soutache laid in in a foliate pattern to coordinate with the shape of the vest. A pleated Velvet cummerbund spans the waist only in front to create the illusion of a Jacket and waistcoat. Condition is structurally very good, there is a little speckled unevenness to the color in areas as well as some light water marks on the skirt. There are a couple of small repairs to the waistband nothing distracting. The waistband has no closure, only some evenly spaced buttonholes. This indicates it originally buttoned or hooked to the corset. Measurements are: 24 inch skirt waist & 40 inch front length. The jacket measures 26 inches at the waist and 33 inches at the bust. Please note: Measurements are approximate and should be taken as maximum.

From Me:

Like the previous two days, this is another "theme" day where I probably won't have many comments. I'm trying to clean out the cache of items I've collected and there is a backlog. Eck! So, today I'm going with various gowns, outfits, dresses, ect that are not black or white! Today's posts are all about color. Some will have a lot of color, like this awesome teal ensemble, and some will be pastels. However, all will clearly be colorful rather the boring drape apparel I see in the other sections of the office. ;-)


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