Friday, November 18, 2011

Black 1870's Bodice and Skirt

From the seller:

Beautiful Satin beaded bodice antique bustle dress from the Mid to late 1800's. I only purchased this dress becaue of my love for old clothing and I never wore it. It is in remarkable condition for its age and made extremely well. I have stored this dress for a long time and it needs to find a new home. You will love and it is in good enough condition to wear or it could be used for display or study. This dress would have likely been used during a time of mourning. Bust 34 Waist 26 but dual snap allows for up to 28 Front length 40" Back length 43" Fully lined and made of black satin with glass beads. I am not being greedy on this dress it is worth far more than I am asking.

From Me:

Dear Seller,
Which way do your elbows go? That's all I'm saying.
Love, Me

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