Thursday, November 10, 2011

Titanic Era Evening Gown

From the seller:

This unique dress has been kept in prestige condition and very well kept. It once was owned by my mother-in-laws, mother who to our knowledge wore the dress once to a horseless carriage club banquet and took the trophy for best dressed. The dress has a waist of about 32-33". The mannequin is a size 6-8 and the dress is slightly bigger. The length of the skirt in the back is 52" from the waist (without a bustle) and is slightly longer in the back as you can see in picture 9. There is slight wear on the satin hem. Also, some tears in the netting in the stomach area but has been reinforced with sheer black fabric behind it. The dress was restored in the late 70's. The original pink fabric in the bodice was rotten but used as a pattern and replaced with pink satin that was very close the the same orignal color. Quite lovely with the black netting overlaying the pink satin. The beaded top goes over and is hooked on the sides. The collar is known as a high top collar and has stays which support it so it stands up.

The skirt part of the dress was reinforced with a sheer black fabric underneath. The black jet beads and all other beads were all resewn to that using a beading needle. A labor intensive task taking a year and a half. The weight of the beads pull on the fabric and is very heavy. This dress is at least 100 years old. It does not have any tags or other identifying traces on it. There are gloves and a jet black feather that is included but ebay wouldn't let me add anymore pictures.The dress is one piece, the vest then lays over it and attaches with hook and eyes, the pink satin belt is seperate as well as a petticoat, gloves and even a hair feather. I have several more so if you would like to see the detail better or a tear please just ask and I would be glad to email them to you the only thing I don't have pictures of are the feathers but I am sure they were not originally with the dress.

From Me:
This is stunning! The details on this gown are amazing. It's probably a bit earlier than 1912 but this style was still being worn then.

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