Thursday, November 10, 2011

Early Edwardian Day Gown

From the seller:

This is a magnificent Victorian pale blue and pink dress trimmed in cream cotton lace. It is from 1890 - 1900.

The top has pleats across the front and is topped with a faux silk jacket trimmed in lace. It looks like someone added an extra piece near the hooks and eyes to make the top larger.

The trained skirt has a white silk corded stitching (as does the faux jacket) between the panels and is also trimmed with lace.

It fastens with hook and eye.

It is in good condition with a few minor damages.

Under one arm there is wear and period mends (photo).

The back waistband on the skirt also has wear and mends (photo) and there are several pin holes in the skirt. The cotton lace backing has disintegrated but it does not weaken the lace.

The pink silk lining on the top is shattered under the lace and the lace has a few breaks (2 photos).

The dress is wearable and there is no odor.

The measures:



bust.....32 - 36"

waist (top)....26 - 28"

shoulder to shoulder...15"

waist (skirt).....24 - 26"

length ( skirt front)......46"

length ( skirt back)......58"

From Me:
This is a decade later than what the seller states. It's part of the Belle Epoque which was from about 1890 until 1910. The use of lace was a bit over the top for our tastes today but it was quite beautiful.

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