Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Edwardian Summer Dress

From the seller:
Antique Lace Day or Wedding Dress, Edwardian Art Nouveau circa 1912 Titanic World War I Era. Fine Lawn Gauze made of organdy cotton batiste. Excellent cutwork and lace inserts. Condition very good to excellent. Back closure with hooks and eyes and mother of pearl buttons in perfect order. there are couple of miniscule separations and pin holes on this piece, it is 100 years old. Hand washable. Very fine sheer see though fabric but strong and ready to wear. washed steamed. Gorgeous empire waist and fantastic couture. Sort of hippie boho artsy Impressionist classic style. Large roses embroidered on lace inserts, center front bodice interesting miniature gros point lace insert, inserted collar, nice cuffs and borders. MEASURES TO FIT US MODERN LADIES WOMENS SIZE 4 OR 8 MAY BE 8. WAIST 26 HIPS 34 BUST 34 LENGTH 56. NICE DRESS!

From Me:

I love these summer dresses. However, it annoys me to no end that far too many people assume anything white must be a wedding dress.  O_o?  This is not a wedding dress but a lovely summer piece.   The bodice is very interesting on it due to the placement of the collar.  It gives the dress a large "u" shaped neckline that is then filled with lace.  My guess is this is a late 1900's early teens piece.    


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