Monday, November 21, 2011

Pretty Quilted Petticoat

From the seller:

This is a c.1860 hand quilted petticoat of purple silk backed with a pink beige cotton, the hem is a brown cotton, there is a binding on the bottom edge. This might be an earlier, c.1850 garment that was altered later on. The bottom third is diagonally quilted with hand stitches, the quilting continues in widely spaced vertical designs almost to the waist.
The waist is flat in front, with box pleating at the sides, tighter pleating in back. The waistband is brown cotton, it ties in back with two ties, one seems to be meant to thread through a small opening on the waistband. It's about 30 1/2" around at the waist, as shown, 35 1/2" long. It's in good condition, with some color loss, as shown, also some lighter spots of color loss around the waist area. There are a few holes on the lining with a few nibbles, the only thing showing on the front is a 1/2" hole, which I have shown in a pic. The silk is not splitting or shredding. 

From Me:

Quilted Petticoats date back centuries.   However, given the style on this one, I'm thinking it's most likely around the 1840's, give or take a decade.   Quilted Petticoats were still being worn for warmth even after the hoop skirt. 

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