Monday, November 7, 2011

Mid to late 1860's changable silk dress with BRIGHT blue accents

From the seller:

Here is a lovey original period antique silk flocked dress This dress was found in a New London NH attic The woman that owned the house believed it to be a wedding gown back from the day's of the 1800's, There were several other finds we previously listed from this era. Many of the finds were from the 1820's war era. Many were purchased and placed in a museum .There was so much history in this attic a lot of fantastic finds! If it in fact belonged to the Pingree family would be a possibility as most finds were from that family.
Now the dress details:
Priceless means you will never find another like this in its outstanding condition!
Approx measurements 24" waist, 32" bust, hip very full and graduates larger, shoulder to shoulder 14", sleeves 15" in length and 6" wide. total gown length 48"
The color is a rich brownish blend with royal blue details of flocking and fringe.
The dress fabric is without rips or tears. There appears to be some alteration to the back closure buttons and hooks but does not have any affect of the condition. There also may be some faint fading to the fabric remember not to expect perfection considering the age of this dress.
Hoping someone will wear this for a special occasion and then preserve and store it for historical interests.
Although we have a buy it now price, We will entertain offers!

From Me:

This is very much a mid to late 1860's dress -possibly made from an older style based on the front bodice decoration. This is so awesome! It's a changeable silk brocade with a very electric blue velvet and fringe added as accents. This would have been worn over an elliptical hoop with a small bustle in the back.

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