Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Turn of the Century all lace dress

From the seller:

Wonderful heavy tape lace or Battenburg and mesh gown in a larger size, the intricate tapes seem to have been made from linen threads.

The bodice, including the sleeves, is lined with chiffon, and there are several layers of chiffon forming a "pad" at each shoulder to help give the puffy sleeve silhouette so beloved at the time. There is a net insert at the bodice, chiffon insert at the front to give a pouter pigeon effect. It closes at the sides and at the back of the neck with hooks and eyes. The skirt closes in back with hooks and eyes, is also lined with chiffon. The chiffon lining has three ruffles around the hem that are trimmed with lace. There are long narrow inserts of large scale fagotting or hemstitching on both pieces.

The bodice has a 38" measurement, taken outside, 28" waist, it's about 14" between the shoulder seams. The skirt measures 29 1/2" around at the waist. With a graduated train, it's 44 1/2" long in front, 49" at the sides, 59" long in back.

Very good overall, with traces of a shattered pink taffeta lining that has mostly been removed. There is a chiffon ruffle at the neck that is deterioriating, but could be removed. The silk covering to the waistband is in poor shape, it's a separate piece from the bodice and could be removed and replaced with a ribbon or belt. The chiffon lining the bodice is in very good condition, it has been reinforced with a piece of chiffon backed with white cotton in a couple of places. The mesh on the lower skirt has an area about 10" x 12" or so that has a scattering of tiny holes. There are about three or four 1/8" holes as well.

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