Friday, November 18, 2011

What to do with those old Corduroys...

From the seller:
A fetching 1880’s dark olive green silk and velvet bustle dress. The bodice has a front insert of gold metallic lace. The front and sleeves cuffs are trimmed with dark green velvet. The sleeves cuffs are trimmed with gold braiding. The bodice is lind with cotton and has a front button closure. The skirt is decorated with wide bands of velvet and gold braiding. The back is gathered into a bustle effect. The skirt is lined with brown silk. The gown is in good and sturdy condition. There is fading on the green velvet where it has turned to brown and the skirt velvet has evenly faded to brown. There are some loose seams on the skirt that will need some re-stitching. There are no holes, no underarm discoloration and no fading on the olive green satin fabric. Bust 34 Waist 24 Skirt length 38.

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