Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Titanic Era Teal Silk & Lace Gown

From the seller:

These pictures do not do this beautiful authentic late 1800's Victorian Ladies Dress justice..I have never seen so much handmade lacework on anything until I found this dress..This dress back then had to have belong to a very wealthy lady..The dress designer that designed this dress was very good in the way she made one side longer than the other in the front and swaged the back lace overlay as pictured in #5. Almost all the lace overlay and seafoam ribbon is in great condition. The under skirt around the bottom is a little dry rotted in the folds. The under skirt is attached to another fabric that is off white and some of the stitching has come loose, but can be fixed very easily...The person that gets this dress is getting a museum piece. I cannot begin to explain how beautiful this dress is...

If anyone has any additional questions please feel free to contact me as I respond to all messages daily.

Just wanted to add some information that I left out of the original description..There is a designer label inside the waist...Designer is E.Charles of 62 West 47th Street, New York, NY...

The bust measurements are approx. 37" around and the length from top to bottom is Approx. 56" long.

Like I said in the original description the under skirt is attached to the slip and some of the stitching has come apart and can easily be re-stitched or just replace it because it is only about 10" long because it is attached to the slip and it is the only piece that is alittle dry rotted.

From Me: This is very much an Edwardian piece. The higher waistline, the cut of the sleeves, and the raised hem are all indicative of the 1910's.

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