Monday, March 25, 2013

1770's Yellow Robe a la Anglaise

From the seller:

A beautiful original circa 1760's to 1770's lady's open robe in a rich golden silk damask with a striking colorful floral brocade motif. The bodice is lined in linen with inner eyelets for front inner lacing, shoulder plackets, underarm gussets, and a nice pleated back to the bodice, with an unlined directionally box pleated skirt having two side pocket slits. Shown over a foundation that is not included. The textile is vibrant, but does show its use in the period, with period mends, darns, fray and wear spots, most around the pocket slits, the front opening, the armscyes and the hem. There are 19th century hooks and eyes added at the blind front closure at a later date. All is reflected in the reverse price for this lovely 18th century open robe in a wonderful textile, likely English in origin.

From Me:

The sleeves and the square front almost make me think early 1780's but I'm putting it in the 1770's due to the fabric.

Today, given the snow (yay! I have measurable snow at my house!), I figured today should be filled with a lot of VERY pretty dresses.