Wednesday, March 27, 2013

1830's Corset

From the seller:

Cute early corset, about 1830-45, I would say, the unusual shape formed by two darts at the bust, with a tapered waist, the hip in front also flaring, helped along by the two darts. It has metal grommets, it's edged with twill tape, top and bottom, the lacing is a replacement. It's lined with what looks like the same fabric, a substantial jean cotton. There are 1/2" openings inside, one on each side of the lacing in front, two right next to each other in the center back, for a busk.
It measures about 36" around at the bust, 23 1/2" at the waist, 26 1/" at the hip. It's about 13" long in front, 12 3/4" long in back. There are some scattered age spots, general discoloration, no holes, tears, or weaknesses. It's entirely hand sewn.

From Me:

This is that odd time period when underwear got *weird*. This is what happens when you take a lovely Regency long stays and mix it up with the later 1850's corset. It looks all sorts of funky.

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  1. Oh my goodness, this is *awesome*. :D
    I'm kind of slowly compiling an overview of the whole era from c. 1790 to c. 1850 and all the stuff that was going on, supportive undergarments-wise. I love seeing all these outliers, because the more I look, the more it turns out many of them are, in one way or another, actually less of an outlier than they originally seemed. This one currently still is, though. :D