Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Mid 1860's Bodice

From the seller:

This early 1870's brown silk jacket is very similar to one found in Peterson's from 1872 (I've included the drawing for comparison) There are bad underarm stains on each side, and the thin silk lining in each of the cuffs has shattered, but the silk itself is in good firm condition. There are no original buttons left, they were gone when I got it. The silk fringe is in beautiful shape. The lining is a firm cotton twill, but the peplum is lined in polished cotton.

There is some odd piecing around the neck on one side, and I suspect that the bodice was remade at some point to bring it up to date. Stitching is a mixture of lock stitch and hand stitch.

Shoulder to shoulder = 22 ( but the shoulders are very sloped)
Armpit to armpit, laid flat = 17.5 inches
Waist laid flat = 13
Neck to hem = 21.5 inches

From Me:

Most likely from about 1866, based upon the sleeve shape, the waist length, and the overall style. You can see a similar styled bodice in this fashion plate from 1866.

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