Monday, March 18, 2013

1860's Challis Dress

From the seller:

Offered here for sale is a classic printed challis dress with pagoda sleeves dating from the Civil War Era, c. 1860’s. The fabric used for this dress is one of those wonderful prints so popular in the mid 19th century. The earth tone shades of green and brown are still beautiful even after 150 years. This dress appears to have been a favorite and has seen wear, repair and slight alterations to size but still makes an eye catching display piece. Some of the repairs appear to date back to the time of its original use but several appear to be from a later date; those found at the waistband in particular. It also looks like the hooks and eyes were moved to accommodate a larger size. The underarms show repair and light staining. Though not perfect it is still perfectly presentable for display and the fabric alone makes it a worthy addition to a collection. PLEASE NOTE: We do not endorse any attempt to wear antique clothing and therefore provide the measurements for reference purposes only, not for fit. Bust 38 inches, Waist 32 inches, Length from neck to hem 61 inches and Hem Circumference is 134 inches

From Me:

This is probably post American Civil War because it's too cool looking because of the waist height and overall look.


  1. For several reasons, I believe this is a wrapper. One of the biggest is that it has a hidden opening all the way down the front.

    1. The opening ends about a hand length down from the waist. If you look closely, you can see that the opening was pieced and that the rest of the front is a stripe of plaid like the rest of the skirt design. The pieced piece is slightly off from the rest of the plaid indicating an opening. I hope that makes sense!