Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Turn of the Century Wrapper Dress

From the seller:

Antique 19th c day dress possibly maternity
1. original not reproduction, probably mid 1800s, note the large puffy sleeve tops
2. good but not perfect condition, needs a little repair on top front
3. completely lined including the sleeves
4. maybe maternity because of the relaxed front, no waist in front
5. silk with cotton lace velvet trim and velvet covered buttons
6. all the buttons are there, all match
7. top to waist has hooks and eyes, some need to be replaced
8. partly machine stitched and partly hand stitched
9. pink gathered silk on top needs to be replaced, there is lining under the silk, cut it out and hand piece in replacement
10. everything else seems to be good, small spot on side, hardly noticeable
11. hidden pocket on right
1. across shoulders, 13 in.
2. sleeves, 24 in.
3. bust, 38 in. plus
4. waist, 44 in.
5. length front 52 in., back 56 in.
6. neck 15 in.
7. around bottom, 114 in.
Replace the pink in front yoke and this is wearable
I have quoted priority shipping, handling includes packing and tracking

From Me:

The sleeves are a good indication that this is not from the mid 1800's. This wrapper is from the late 1890's/early 1900's based upon the neckline and sleeves. It may very well have been a maternity dress but the it is from the Turn of the Century.

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