Thursday, March 14, 2013

Once again in the "Our Ancestors had no taste" category...

From the seller:

This lovely top dates from the late Victorian era from about 1898 to 1899. The once grand leg-o-mutton sleeves of the 1890's are reduced to a somewhat form-fitting silhouette with ruffled fabric at the top of it. The top also has the rigid collar with the same ruffled material at the back of the neck. The bodice has 10 stays. The top is in good condition, but it does have some condition issues.

There is a hole in the left sleeve near the silk ruffle cuff which also has holes in it. There is a close-up of the damage.
The silk ruffle cuff on the right sleeve also has tears and holes.
There are about 8-10 vertical slits in the folds of the fabric on the front of the bodice that range in size from 1/4" to 1". This is due to shattering.
There is 1" vertical slit on the back of the bodice.
The green silk lining on the inside of the collar is faded and discolored, and it has dozens of tiny holes that were probably caused by insects.
The top also has positive characteristics.

There aren't any perspiration stains in the armpits.
The exterior colors are bright and unfaded.
The delicate silk ruffles on the collar and shoulders and the material on the sleeves are both stable.
No bad smells.
The bodice doesn't have a standard size so I have taken measurements to help determine a proper fit. The flat bust measurement is 13 1/2". The waist is 20". The sleeve is 22" from the shoulder seam to the cuff.

From Me:

....I think this is Kermit the Frog's grandmother.


  1. This is one of the things that I truly love about historical clothing - the totally different idea of pretty and tasteful.


    1. I think this one was "different" even back in the day...

  2. maybe ist was part of a costume for a masked ball???
    i like it somehow :D

    1. No, the very late 1890's got really funny as they tried to mush down those sleeves of doom into something ruffly. It's just a product of it's time.

  3. I'm so callign dibs on this one ! Loooove it !