Monday, March 25, 2013

Lovely Yellow 1920's Dress

From the seller:

This dress is so awesome!
It's just a shame it's so fragile that the fabric is splitting!
The beading is in fantastic condition. I couldn't find any missing beads or loose threads.
The rhinestones are bright and clear (just a few darker ones) and all the brown sequins are attached.
The beads are white, lavender, pink and a coppery brown.

The slip is like new.
I didn't see any signs of age or wear.
I think it's silk but I'm not positive.
It's attached at the shoulder seam to the dress and could be easily removed.

The damage to the back is a long split that extends down to the beading.(photo 5)
One under arm is really coming apart and the other has a small hole. (photo 9 and 10)
The shoulders have holes also. (photo 8)

The dress has a great style and would be great to use as a pattern.
The "skirt" panels are in 4 sections, and come to down to long point.

The dress is a small.
The beaded section is 16 1/2" across laid flat.
It's about 5 1/2" high, up to 10 1/4" high at the points in the design.

The slip is 17" at the bust, laid flat.
It's 19" at the hip, laid flat.
It's 38" long, including the straps. It has 5 1/2" hem.

Hopefully, one of you can come up with a great use for this dress!

Please email with questions.
Payment is due within 3 days of end of auction.
if you would like a shipping quote please email me. I do not add any extra fees to the cost.
Dress is being sold as is.

From Me:

I'm not normally a fan of yellow. Yellow just isn't pretty to me. It's the color of *bad* things - like cleaners and crime scene tape and snow when my dog's been outside in it. However, this is a very lovely exception. This reminds me, instead, of lemonade and sunshine. Two things were are happily lacking here today because we have snow and that means no class tonight! Woohoo!

Btw, hello to the new people! Feel free to comment and say hi.


  1. Hello! :) I'm with you regarding the yellow thing. I'm not a fan. But this one is really lovely! :)

    1. I love the drape of the dress and the beading. I think the shade of yellow plus the white beading helps to make it look sunshine-y and not an ugly yellow. :-)