Friday, March 29, 2013

1880's Bustle Era Outfit -need to see trim!

From the seller:

This beautiful Victorian gown is made from black silk taffeta. It's very elaborate and is trimmed with bands of satin, braid with large satin flowers and corded centers, clusters of what looks like grapes with tassels at the bottom, appqlied flowers and fringe. The neck and cuffs are trimmed with ivory Brussels lace. The bodice hooks down the front, the left side is 3 deep point that hook across the center. The back is fitted with gores. IT's lined in brown cotton and lightly boned, seams are finished with seam binding. It measures 36 inches around the bust, across the back shoulder is 12 1/4 inches, waist is 26 inches and it's 20 1/2 inches long in front, longer in back. The skirt is amazing looking. Down the right side of the skirt is diagonal rows of trim, it has a ruffle around the bottom trimmed with the black satin flowers , satin ribbon and fringe. The back is pleated and has a huge bow (with trims) to the side of center back approx. calf level. The right side is not as elborate, but has some trimming at the hip. It has a pocket hidden under the flap on the right side. Overall condition is excellent, but the problems are the waistband needs replacing, the inside of the pocket is shot and the fringe trim leaves a trail of strings where ever you take it and there's fringe loss due to that, dust ruffle on the train needs to be removed. The skirt is 28 inches around the waist, hips are full. front is 44 inches and in back is 66 inches long. It's an amazing looking dress, I think you'll love it. De-accessioned from a museum.

From Me:

The trim is what makes this gown. Look at all that ribbon in the shape of flowers!!!

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