Monday, March 18, 2013

Natural Form Era Green Plaid Walking Outfit

From the seller:

This 1880s visiting gown is made of a green plaid, cotton/wool blend. There are 3 pieces, an underskirt, an over-skirt, and a jacket. There are 13 covered buttons down the front of the jacket and 2 on each sleeve cuff. It is lined, and has a small hook and eye tab at the inside waist. The back is fitted for a bustle. I used a small one in the pictures, but it will take a larger one, which will make the draping look much better! The skirt has a lot of tucks to form the draping for the bustle, and there are straps on the inside to help. Some need to be tacked back down on one side. This wonderful dress is in excellent condition. In getting it ready to box up, I did find one patch in the back fold of the skirt. It is so well-done, that I had a hard time finding it! There is some slight wear around the hem of the bottom skirt where it touched the floor. Hooks and eyes have been reinforced on both the jacket and the skirt waistbands. Adding a collar to the jacket would look nice also. Measurements are approximate and for information only. Jacket: B=36", W=30", and it measures 13" across the upper back. H=20" across the front and 30" around the back making room for the bustle. Skirt: W=29". A wonderful dress to go visiting or just out for your daily promenade! Enjoy bidding!

From Me:

From between 1877-1882, this is a Natural Form Era Promenade outfit.

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