Thursday, March 21, 2013

1880's Brown Brocade Outfit

From the seller:

C1870 Antique milk chocolate brown silk print 2 piece bustle back dress in good condition, and good size

All lined with brown polished cotton, has many nice details

Bodice has back tails with a self fabric bow, sleeves have a sheered gathered detail and are trimmed with white handmade lace. Bodice is boned. Skirt has a full bustle and a bottom V detail across the front(see photos)
There are 13 5/8" original buttons down the front.

The bust measures 38", the waist 31". Back length of the bodice is 23". The skirt is 44" long in back and 42" long in front. The dress is too large for my mannequin so the skirt waist is folded in the back.

Overall the condition is very nice. You can see that the brown backing fabric behind the "V" detail across the bottom front of the skirt is missing. The armpits are worn slightly and there is faint moisture stain on the inside of the armpits. This area is not brittle. The skirt waist may have been "let out" slightly at some time I am not sure. Otherwise the dress is lovely and very wearable.

Found here in Maine

From Me:

It looks like the dress was remade later on so it's probably earlier than 1880 or from an earlier outfit. Very lovely even though I'm not a fan of the color brown.

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