Tuesday, March 12, 2013

1920's Coat and Dress outfit

From the seller:

Early 20th Century Ensemble
Dress w/ Matching Wool Overcoat in Chocolate and Dark Browns

This lovely ensemble consists of a flapper style dress made of a dark chocolate brown chiffon like material. It's outstanding feature is a checkered chenile pattern throughout the body of the dress, and is trimmed in a warm brown short flounce at the bottom. The dress has an undergarment made with a skin-tone top, and a warm chocolate brown wool skirt.

The overcoat is made of a warm chocolate brown wool, and is lined in a chiffon like material. It is embellished with an elaborate black trim formed of applied cord in cicular patterns. It has floral panels embellishing the bottom half, made with twisted threads, attached in circular patterns forming leaves and flowers - in a taupe and dark green color (the flowers' centers look teal in the picture, but they are more of a dark green than teal). The ends of the sleeves have the same black trim at the ends. The front doesn't seem to have anything for closure, rather hangs loosely open.


There isn't a label in either piece, but I can guess that this is a small, perhaps a medium, in size.

17-18" across the top of the shoulders in the back of the bodice

19" across the back from armpit to armpit.

19" across the top of the shoulders in the front

24" around the neck/collar

19" across the breast from armpit to armpit

36" in circumference around the waist

41" in length from the top of the collar to the hem in the back

15" around the opening of the sleeve

13" across the shoulders in the back
17 1/2" across the back from armpit to armpit

19" across the breast from armpit to armpit in the front with the flaps overlapped (black trim over the other black trim)

43" long from the top of the collar to the hem in the back


Good condition. The set needs to be cleaned, it's been in storage for quite some time.
Dress: There are some tears along the seams on both the right and left sides of the dress (one side shown), there is a hole in the fabric near the bottom in the back, one small one near the collar, and two near the edge of the left sleeve.
The Undergarment: There is a tear in the top fabric, an old repair in black thread had been done, and is coming apart.
The Jacket: There are three or four very small moth holes in the wool (the largest one shown); and a tear in the lining in the seam of the right armpit.

From Me:

The dress is just "eh" but the coat! That coat is amazing! I'm guessing late 1920's on both.

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