Monday, March 25, 2013

WOW! Turn of the Century Dressing Robe.

From the seller:

A magnificent 1890’s ivory silk and ecru Valenciennes lace lingerie gown. The gown is fully lined with pink silk that shows through the lace creating a beautiful effect. The gown has a wide Bertha style collar that is decorated with A lace flounce. The sleeves are trimmed with inserts of Val lace and wide lace flounces. The bodice and skirt are also trimmed with inserts of Val lace. The front waist is trimmed with a pink silk rosette and long streams. The gown has a long back sweep and the hemline is trimmed with ruffles of Val lace. The gown has a front hook and eye closure that extends from the neckline to mid skirt area. The gown is in very good and sturdy condition. There are a couple of pencil tip size age spots on the collar and a couple of larger age marks on the lace. The pink ribbon streamers have some scattered splitting. There are no holes or splits in the fabrics. There is no underarm discoloration. A beautiful Belle Epoch era work of art. Bust 36 Waist 30 Front skirt length 41 Back length 55.

From Me:

Please, ladies and gentlemen, no drool on the robe, please!


  1. Drool, drool. I sooooooooooo want to make a pattern for it, and it's not even in my time frame.

    1. C'mon, you know you want to branch out a bit. ;-)

    2. I do! I do! It's prettier every time I look at it! :-D