Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Hot Pink Late 1900s/early Teens Era Dress

From the seller:

This is an absolutely amazing and wonderful Edwardian era dress. It is in pretty delicate condition, would make a great study piece, but it is not in good enough shape to wear it. It is lined with a silk, silk chiffon and lace lining. There are tears in several spots throughout the lining. The outside is a bright PINK satin or a taffeta, I don't really know. It is in pretty good condition considering the age. It has this gold colored embroidered flowers through the lace at the neckline and on the pink part of the dress. The dress is pretty tiny. It does not fit my dress form. I pinned it so you can see how it might fit. It's pretty difficult to measure accurately. Measurements are taken while garment is lying flat, chest and waist are then doubled and are as follows:

BUST: Approximately 30"

WAIST: Approximately 28"

LENGTH: Approximately 50" from top of shoulder

From Me:

A part of me thinks this is hideous but I'm also pretty sure that it's just because it doesn't fit the dress dummy properly.

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