Tuesday, March 26, 2013

No, Seriously, 1830's, not 1960's.

From the seller:

An unusual and colourful floral gown dating to about 1828 - 1830. The fabric is cotton, and the gown is fully lined with original lightweight beige cotton.

The bodice has attractive pleating at the front, typical of this period. The sleeves show the tendancy towards the increasingly large sleeves of the 1830s, but are not yet at their maximum. They are prettily pleated at the top, and have simple cuffs which would have fastened into the wrist. The fastenings are missing.

The actual fabric is quite extraordinary with it's colourful flowers in bright and fresh shades.

This is a wonderful gown for the collector of early 19th century costume.

The condition is very good. There is a little surface damage only at the back opening, and some of the fastenings are replaced or missing. There is nothing here that could not be repaired. There are signs of minimal alteration at the waist and hem, but this was quite common, when gowns were taken in, shortened, or even reconstructed. A lovely and very unusual gown.

Measurements: Length 51", Waist 25", across slightly dropped shoulders 20", bust 32" (all measurements except length are approximate).

The lace trim round the neck does not belong to the dress, but can be included.

From Me:

Yes, this is very much an 1830's dress. Yes, the colors look like something straight from Grandma's Barkcloth curtains. That old adage "what's old is new again"? Yeah, sometimes we repeat even what should not be repeated.

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