Tuesday, January 22, 2013

1920's Evening Dress

From the seller:

A truly stunning 1920s beaded flapper dress with practically all beads in tact (one or two are loose but can easily secure or replace as plenty of spare beads under arm-which needs removing). A few beads missing off back of dress at slits but really minor-can easily be replaced by same beads found under the arms. Some beads need securing on shoulders and are w golden ones at bottom of dress. Most beads though are completely in tact-only a few places here and there and beads are so many, you hardly notice.Very little work required on this piece overall except cutting away 1inch or so of fabric and resewing a few tiny beads.

Under arm issues on this dress. Both arms need a little fabric cutting away where silk chiffon has rotted and discolored can be seen in last photo. Easy to do simply remove silver beads under arm (there care lots!) and put to one side to replace the few missing ones elsewhere on dress (shoulders/back of dress see photos). About 1-2 inches max of the rotted needs to be removed and then restitch seams- under one arm its already started to develop into a very small dime sized hole in the underarm because its rotten but the chiffon is supple and once removed and resewn it will not tear further. Cannot see any brown age spots and Ive checked twice. Removing the rotten fabric won't detract as its only a little either side under arms.

This dress has been stored flat as it should be and looked after so there is no tearing of silk chiffon. This is rare to find as most silk dresses tear due to the weight of the beads and are hung causing stress to the dress. There are no issues of stress and the silk chiffon is supple and strong. To keep it like this you need to store it flat and in acid free tissue paper away from damp or heat.

The dress is about a UK size 10/12 although could be worn loosely by a size 8. I tried it on a UK size 14/16 but the chest area is more for a smaller bust. It was designed to be worn loosely.

There is a little chiffon handkerchief which attaches at the wrist by rhinestones although its broken and could be replaced. I will include a replacement vintage 20s rhinestone band for it. The handkerchief has a few marks on it. Ive not tried to clean it.

The dress is made up of lines of golden beads with golden beads at the bottom, grey/silver vines and delightful pink roses all around the dress. At the sides there are two pieces of beaded chiffon holding the dress together.

With a bit of work on the arms this will make someone a lovely 20s original wedding dress. It has a peach/ivory/nude hue to it and if you line it with cream silk satin it looks even more bridal. The color of underdress worn will significantly alter the color on the dress as it is semi transparent silk chiffon. It needs an under slip. Add a 20s vintage veil and you will look dapper! alternatively with a simple vintage headband this will make a great party dress. Can be worn with a variety of colors pink, golds, silvers, nude etc

Excellent condition overall, strong and wearable with care. Its been loved two times and now needs to go to be loved by someone else.

From Me:

I love the simplicity of the cut - common in the 1920's- but all the added rhinestones and beads to make this dress a showstopper.

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