Monday, January 14, 2013

Purple Plaid Ante Bellum Era Dress

From the seller:

For real is this 19th century CIVIL WAR lady's dress with fringed pagoda sleeves. Fabric is irredescent PURE SILK in shades of lavender, beige, and black. Lining is natural, unbleached linen. This dress is treadle machine and hand stitched. Has a machine made lace collor. Measures:

14" around neck

36" bust

28" waist

27" from neck to cuffs

12" armholes

24" around cuffs

57" long

Underarms have stains inside and the outside has been reinforced ~ see photos. There are two straight tears near hem that are about 6" long. There is some slight fading near hem. Hem is reinforced with a binding and there are brass hooks and eyes that are all intact to close the front of the dress. There is one quarter size hole near shoulder from a metal hanger seen in photo 1.

If you're looking at this listing then you know what you're looking at and you also know that perfection cannot possibly be acheived with 150+ year old clothing that has been worn. I have described this dress to the best of my knowledge since I cannot accept a return unless I have grossly misrepresented this dress.

From Me:

I know I should like this dress and it took me forever to figure out why I don't. It's that stupid collar. Someone, please kill it!


  1. Haha! Then it may interest you to know that the collar and the sleeves make this actually 1850s. Possibly even early 1850s. Gathered-top pagoda sleeves tend to be 1850s rather than 1860s anyway, and these are not only gathered at the armseye but shirred further down. And doubled/flounced sleeves are mid-1850s at the latest. The wider collar is also definitely pre-1860s. It's also got the longer/pointed waist.

    1. Eek! You are right! I was too distracted by the ugly collar to notice anything else.

  2. :-D
    Horrible collar, I woul say!

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