Friday, January 18, 2013

One of the very rare Off Topic Posts

Okay, so it's not really completely off topic since I hope this is something that will be of interest to many of you. Many years ago, I worked in museums. I actually worked or had an internship in various museums over a period of 10 years. Okay, so there was a break in there and I started one internship when I was 14 but....I know museums.

I belong to a museum list where I keep up with the day to day stuff of small museums just in case I want a huge cut in pay and lose all my weekends to boot. ;-) Really, it's because I love seeing what other small museums are popping up around the world.

This message just came over the list:

Dear List -The organization I work with is looking for a source of 1913-era clothing in order to do a fashion show. If you know of an organization that has done this type of program or would be able to lend us period clothing, I would appreciate a contact. Please let me know if you need further information - Donna Nortman, Executive Director Manlius Historical Society 315 682-6660 Just no. Here is my response to her alone:

I run the blog. I would strongly suggest against a fashion show and do a fashion display. I doubt anyone with Edwardian/Teens Era clothing would lend it to be displayed on an actually person given the fragile nature of the cloth. I have several dresses and gowns from the "Titanic" era and there is no way on earth a human body should wear them. Although many are in good condition, I want them to stay in good condition - which means no oils, sweat, or other things the human skin had on it should get onto the dresses. Also, the stress of a person moving would be too much for many of the gowns - especially given the silk ones! I've often lent out my dresses from various eras for display but never, ever to wear. A static display would allow individuals to look at the clothing and be able to take non flash photography is they wished to. I've even allowed people to touch the clothing if they have gloves on so to better examine seams, how the fabric moves, ect.

A fashion show with replicas of 1913 clothing would be very entertaining and there are a lot of people that recently completed 1913 items for a sewing competition sponsored here: A few of the girls may live close enough to come and help out if you went that route. Also, with lending actual 100 year old pieces, the paperwork for insurance might be a nightmare within itself!



Luckily, another lady has already backed me up publicly on the list:

A vintage dance group may be able to help, and they tend to enjoy doingdance demos, too. I know there is an active community in Boston andprobably around New York City, too. The problem with borrowing clothing is, once I've put the work into making something I do not want someone else to wear it. And originals, not at all. Some collectors will loan clothing for an exhibit, but not for a fashion show. It's too easy to damage clothing, whether it's original or repro. -Carol

I don't want to be too cruel but it surprises me that an executive director thinks it's okay to wear 100 year old garments on a runway....


  1. Sadly, it does not surprise me at all.

  2. I agree with Carol. I put a lot of time and love into my costumes and no one else would care that much about it if they just borrowed it. I've even cringed when I've seen some of my gowns that I sold because they didn't fit me anymore and saw what they did to them. Case in point-skirt cut to become a Steampunk outfit. No one loves my clothes like I do.