Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Early Regency Embroidered Dress

From the seller:

A very rare and magnificent 1800-1805 muslin embroidered dress. The fabric is embroidered with flowers and leaves designed in a stripe pattern. The dress is all hand stitched. The bodice has a fall front that attaches just over the bust line. It would have been held in place with pins. It has a drawstring front. The sleeves are elbow length. The bodice is lined with linen. The skirt has a long back sweep. It is a small size. The dress is in very good condition. It has not been cleaned so there is some age discoloration. The back of the skirt has a couple of pea size holes and pea size age spots. There is one thumb size age mark. This style of dress is rarely seen on the open market and would be a wonderful addition to an early textile collection. Bust 30 Empire wait 24 Front length 52 back length 78.

From Me:

Today, I hope to post things that are truly exceptional to the blog and this is certainly in that category. The train, the apron front style with no defined waistline, and overall shape of the dress do make this a turn of the 19th Century item.


  1. Oh, yes, the lack of waistline in the front is very specific! The elbow-length sleeves are as well. I like how they're still gathered up a bit, though. That's something I've seen in some fashion plates, but don't recall seeing extant until now.

    1. This style is very rare simply because I think it only lasted for maybe three years? I know the train went away quickly once they figured out that whole mud issue and that tucking you skirt into your belt really didn't look great with the Greek Columns style they were going for. ;-)