Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Turn of the Century Dressing Gown

From the seller:

Enchanting Victorian dressing gown

1890-1910 era

Cream/ivory with blue and pink flowers print

Silk chiffon cream lace

Delicate feminine style

Front length 55"

Back length 65"

Small size

Some flaws to the lace

No tears in the silk

Strong with one tiny hole under one arm

Lace is 3 1/2" on the front and a double row to the sleeves

Sleeves are large and puffy

Raglan style sleeves

Peach colored silk ribbon down the back

This is an antique gown and does have flaw as in description

Beautiful display

Shown on my dress form that is a small size

Hooks are present on the inside lining but it has shredded. It is a dark brown cotton. This could be replaced or just removed. It does not affect the appearance of the gown and is not seen from the outside

There is some boning on the inside as well

The gown is as is. I have tried to list everything I see. The shoulders and underarms are all intact. The tiny collar has some wear. There is a little bit of dirt on the inside of the train, not seen on the outside.

From Me:

Although it could be from the late 1890's, the sleeves and the way the trim is in the back suggests a later date. I'm thinking about 1902-1903 for this piece.

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