Monday, January 7, 2013

Short Cape/Mantle from the Bustle Era

From the seller:

This mantle is made of brown cotton, lined with brown cotton sateen, and trimmed in embroidered lace.

The brown embroidered lace is in excellent condition and is 5" wide. It adorns the neck the length of the front and the entire width of the bottom of the jacket. The lace on the front of the mantle is sewn into a heavy ruffle that extends the length. The front is much longer than the peplum back. The lace is flatter w/occasional gathers on the rest of the cape.

The front closure is nine large hooks spaced three inches apart. The hooks are heavy-duty and have the safety feature so the hooks do not come unattached. The first hook on the top is broken.

Wooden beads are sewn on the inner edge of the lace around the neckline and around the bottom. the bottom of the garment had dangling beads every 2", though most of them are now missing. There are a few areas where the round -attached beads are missing as well; one area on the neckline and several around the bottom.

There are some very-small moth holes on the lower part of the jacket. There are two larger holes(appr. 1cm)on the front of the jacket(pictured). None of these holes are very noticeable.

The inner construction of the piece is extraordinary. This is what makes this piece a mantle. The piece would be a cape if there weren't two thick(3.5")bands of fabric creating arm holes inside. A satin ribbon is sewn where the bands attach. The ribbon ties around the waist to keep the jacket fitted tightly in the back, enhancing the peplum that rests over the bustle. There is also an elastic-type of band that spans from armpit-to-armpit. The elastic band has come unattached on the right-hand side, but can be easily fixed as the spot where it is attached is visible.

Overall, this piece is amazing! the condition is wonderful for the age of the piece and it's a rare addition to any collection.


Shoulder-To-Shoulder - 11.5".

Neck Opening - 13".

Neckline-To-Front Hem - 32".

Neckline-To-Back Hem - 25".

From Me:

Although the color and fabric is a bit boring, the construction isn't. I am agreement with the seller. :-)

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